Brushless Outrunner motors

On these pages you will find information about motors that I have built.

Brushless motors are much more efficient than brushed motors, and outrunners develop more torque for their size allowing large props to be used. Typically a motor such as this can be used to replace a brushed motor/gearbox combination in a small flying wing, parkflyer, 'shockflyer', fast outdoor foam model or as a direct replacement for a dual GWS IPD gearbox set-up delivering greater power and duration.

I make two types of motors: an economical motor for use at 80 Watts or below and one for use up to 120 Watts.

The second type is a brushless outrunner motor with curved N50 magnets that deliver greater torque and efficiency than similar outrunner motors. Unlike many cheaper motors the shaft is fully ball-raced with quality sealed bearings within the CNC-machined bearing tube ensuring maximum RPM and minimal friction

Data on these motors can be viewed by following these links: