Outrunner Brushless Motor with prop-saver and mount

This is a new and unused brushless outrunner motor with powerful N50 magnets that deliver greater torque and efficiency than lower spec. magnets.

Brushless motors are much more efficient than brushed motors, and outrunners develop more torque for their size allowing large props to be used. Typically a motor such as this can be used to replace a brushed motor/gearbox combination in a small flying wing, parkflyer, 'shockflyer', fast scale outdoor foam model or as a direct replacement for a dual GWS IPD gearbox set-up delivering greater power and duration.

This motor delivers awesome power and duration on park and indoor flyers and all possible from an 8A BL controller!. Note that this is an excellent motor choice for shockflyers on 3S LiPo and 6x3 - 8x4.3 props but still offers the flexibility for use with an 9x4.7 prop on 2S LiPo for your parkflyer or shockie.

Thrust in the Range of 3-14 oz. depending on prop used. For extreme performance on a shockflyer an 8x4.3 prop and 3 cell LiPo are required. The supplied stick-mount adaptor simplifies mounting - fits over 8 mm dowel or carbon rod or can be directly mounted to surface.

The motor is wound with 22 Turns (Wye) of 26AWG wire, using highest quality N50 Neodynium magnets, and delivers the specs below with a 2/3 cell LiPo.

The typical motor constants are:

kV: 1160

Rm: 0.6

Io: 0.5

All this from a motor of 25 mm diameter and weight of ~23 g!

..... go on and grab a bargain.



Please contact me for additional info.